We provide our best possible service to client regarding Shipping. We provide you prior information when goods leaving to Airport. Once goods cleared through Nepal Custom, we will provide below documents through email.

1. AWB (Airway Bill) copy,
2. GSP (Generalized System of Preferences Certificate of Origin)
3. Custom invoice &
4. Packing list

And we send actual documents to with the goods (if only advised to send separately). And we will inform client or client’s notify party or broker agent about AWB# or tracking number of shipment, itinerary of the shipment. So, we try our best to ship your goods smoothly on the way. For more detail kindly email us. CONTACT.


There are some ways to ship goods from Nepal. All shipments will leave direct from our warehouse to airport.

Lead time for shipping will be;

1. Normal Air Cargo              =  5 to 7 days
2. Express courier shipment = 3 to 4 days which is door to door service through FedEx, DHL or other courier services as well.

Note: delivery time will also depends if client provide required documents to our cargo agent, express courier to clear goods from client’s custom office.


Freight can be Prepaid or to Collect. It depends upon your preference. The freight charge would be determined on the basis of weight or size of the order, and destination of consignee.

Weigh of the shipment depends on quality of product.

Measurement of weight in general;

1.  100 Knots = 3.8 kg per sqmtr
2.  100 Knots Bananna Silk = 6
3.  80 Knots   = 4.2 kg per sqmtr
4.  60 Knots   = 4.5 kg per sqmtr

We also do separate insurance for your goods. Insurance cost will be bear by customer. If goods been damage on the way, we will apply on behalf of customer. Insurance coverage and time depends on company policy.


We accept advance deposit when placing order and balance deposit once goods ready to ship. For big order shipment, we also accept LC (letter of Credit) terms payment. Our managing committee will decide how much advance deposit you have to make while placing orders with us.

For more details, please contact us.


For payment methods, we widely use advance payment via wire transfer to our bank account. We will provide you bank details (A/C Name, A/C Number, Bank Address and Swift Code) to transfer payment.


Your information and privacy will be our top priority. We will not enjoy sharing customer’s information to any others. Your security and privacy will be held under our stickiest confidence.


We will provide our client timely manner report on their order placement. We acknowledge arrival of orders through email or telephone. We also communicate through Viber, Skype or any other ways which is easily access to our client. If required, we will send carpet images on loom during production process, and also we will send image photos of finished ready rugs before shipping.

Carpet Cleaning and Washing

The beauty and quality of your hand woven rug can be maintained for decades with proper care and cleaning. Regular vacuuming will help prevent dust getting into the foundation of the rug. Avoid using the vacuum on any fringe as the fringe may get caught in the beater brush and tear. To extend the life of your oriental rug turn it 180 degree every year. This helps to even out your rugs exposure to traffic and sunlight.

Over time, grit and dirt become embedded so deeply that it can cut the fibers if not removed by a professional rug cleaning service. Depending on the amount of traffic it is a good idea to have your rug cleaned every one to three years. Cleaning should be done only by a reputable and professional cleaning service that specializes in hand made rugs, not by carpet cleaners that are unfamiliar with hand woven rugs. Make sure to know the fiber content ( i.e. wool, silk, hemp, cactus etc.) and tell the cleaning company exactly what your rug is made from. Whenever possible, clean a spill immediately before it has a chance to set in. Use a spoon to scoop up as much of the spill as possible, then blot excess liquid with a paper towel inward as not to spread the spill to a larger area. Blot the spill.