About Us

Kamal, we have been manufacturing high quality Tibetan Carpets, since 1980s. Our Carpets are hand woven using the finest quality wool from highest plateaus of Tibet. The wool’s lanolin increases the sheen and luster of the carpets as it ages.

This wool brings a character to the yarn that is central to producing as fine quality carpets. Our yarn is hand carded, hand spurn and hand dyed. We have an exclusive range of Contemporary and Floral Collections with all sizes and qualities as well.

We use Swiss dyes from Clariant Ltd., and Indian Ciba Gagey. Also we use Organic Vegetable dyes from Tibet, Nepal and India.

Our main objective with our custom program is to assist you in every way in making good quality carpets and colors that your design project requires. We provide the best and the fastest time service that our clients have come to know and 
love. We are proud to announce Custom Tibetan Carpet Program.